Histroy of Sri Venugopalaswamy Thirukoil

Pandya Connection

               The number of Fish sculptures on the pillars and atop the walls leads one to believe that Pandyas may have contributed to the temple as well.


Tipu Sultan and Venugopalaswamy

               The treasurer of Tipu Sultan whose role it was to collect payments /dues decided to use these payments for the temple. The Venugopalaswamy temple in its current form and structure with the three Tier Raja Gopuram and Five Kalasas atop the Gopuram is believed to be a result of his efforts.To mark this event and his contribution to the temple, one can see the sculpture of Tipu and Venugopalaswamy on a pillar at the 108 pillared Maha Mandapa at the entrance of the temple. These 108 pillars are the biggest among the Vishnu temples in the Coimbatore and Erode region.

               Also, there are 21 prominent Pancha Loga Sculptures inside the temple. Inside the Artha Mandapa, on two pillars are artistic sculptures relating to Dasavathara.


Perumal in three different Postures

               While Venugopalaswamy is the main deity at this temple, there are two other forms of Vishnu also seen here at this temple in Sathyamangalam.To the right of Venugopala Sannidhi is the Lakshmi Narayana Sannidhi, where the Lord is seen in a sitting posture. Inside this sannidhi is an underground tunnel that is believed to date back to the 18th century. Tipu Sultan may have used this underground tunnel during his battles.

               Behind the Venugopala Sannidhi is the Ranganatha Sannidhi where the small and handsome Lord Kasturi Ranganatha is seen in a Bhujanga Sayana Posture facing the devotees sleeping atop the 7 hooded Serpant Adhisesha. There is also a centuries old inscription in front of the Ranganatha Sannidhi.


Liberation from Doshams

               Similar to the Lizard (though not a golden one) at the Varadaraja Perumal temple in Kanchipuram, one finds a huge Lizard on the wall of the Western Prakara. Invoking the blessings here is said to liberate one from all kinds of Doshams.


Prarthana Sthalam for Unmarried people

               Every Friday morning, special Abhisheka is performed at the Mahalakshmi Sannidhi. Taking part in this is believed to help people find their life partner.


Ayyappa Sannidhi

               A unique feature at this temple is the presence of Lord Ayyappa inside the temple. Festivals relating to Ayyappa are celebrated in a grand manner at this temple. Special Abhisheka takes place for Ayyappa in Karthigai and Margazhi. Also, there is a special utsavam for Ayyappa in Chitrai.


Vahanas and Chariot damanged

               In centuries gone by, there were 15Vahanas and a huge chariot and all the festivals including the popular chariot festival were celebrated in a grand manner with the Lord going out in a procession around the streets of Sathy. Over time, these vahanas and the chariot have been damaged.